Most CDASS clients choose Public Partnerships

Here's why.


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For six years, Public Partnerships Colorado (PPC) has been based in the
Centennial State, with 24 staff members working in communities to support
clients' choice—including yours.




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You can ask questions and talk to other CDASS clients on
PPC's online forum. Click here to join the conversations.




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Are you looking for an attendant to provide you with services?
PPC has a list of attendants in your area who can work for you.




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Using BetterOnline™ you can approve timesheets, look at
your spending reports, and have more control over your
allocated budget 24/7.



Get to Know the Fiscal Employer Agency (F/EA) Model

Click this link to learn about the F/EA Model.



"When life changes, you find it hard to have someone tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, depending on others to make your choices for what you do is not good. PPL has changed that for me by letting me manage my own life."

–Consumer Direction Client, Colorado


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Experience. Trust. Money In Your Pocket.

Those are a few reasons why people choose Public Partnerships.


BBB Rating: A+

We work hard to ensure our customers are satistied. The Better Business Bureau independently rates organizations and we continually maintain the highest rating a business can receive.


Need help finding an attendant?

PPL offers an industry leading attendant recruiting service to help connect you with qualified local attendants. This free service matches your needs with potential candidates for you to interview.


We Save You Money

Lowest Employer Cost = More dollars to use for services!

If you pay your attendant $15 per hour, your budget will be charged:

We Save You Money

If your attendant works 40 hours a week, you save $16 a month!

Local Customer Service

PPL offers world-class customer service specialists, including local CDASS-specialist agents in our Denver, CO office.

Easy Timesheet OptionsNEW - We Save You Money

Our electronic timesheet entry options adapt to individual needs. You have the choice to use our BetterOnline™ web portal, new Time4Care™ mobile application, or both. Time4Care™ lets you enter timesheet information easily and on-the-go.


16 Years of Experience

Quite simply, we understand what you need, because our parent company has been providing financial management services (FMS) for 16 years, now for more than 72,000 clients and 95,000 attendants nationwide — more than anyone else in the business.

Let's talk about how PPC can support your choice.

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Every FMS provider will process your payroll and handle your employment taxes.
For the most experience and the community focus that can make consumer direction better,
there's PPC. Let's talk about how PPC can support your choice.

Let's talk about how PPC can support your choice.

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Let's talk about how PPC can support your choice.

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Let's talk about how PPC can support your choice.

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