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Do you need to edit a timesheet?

You can edit a timesheet before the E-Timesheet due date to make changes. Effective March 15th, 2018, the edit button will not be available when payroll is processing, however you can adjust your timesheet after the timesheet has been paid. If you would like assistance with adjusting a timesheet, please contact the Call Center at 844-240-1526.

Administrative Time

Starting with pay period of July 1 – 15, 2017, providers will be paid for one 15-minute unit for Administrative Time, per pay period. This can be found in the top section of your Earnings Statement.  IPOne will automatically add Administrative Time to the first Good-to-Pay timesheet for each pay period. For more information, view the Individual Provider Training Packet or contact the IPOne Call Center at 844-240-1526.


You can check the status of your timesheet in the BetterOnline IPOne Web Portal. This will help you confirm it has been received by the due date on the Payment Schedule. After you submit your hours confirm that your timesheet status shows as Approved. 

Click here for instructions on viewing a timesheet status: Electronic Timesheet Status Steps

Feel free to call the IPOne Call Center if have questions about the BetterOnline IPOne Web Portal or would like assistance with submitting your E-Timesheet. We can be reached at 844-240-1526.

Important message regarding previously paid time sheets.

In order to begin paying overtime, technical changes must be made in the IPOne portal.  This means Individual Providers will not be able to make adjustments to previously paid timesheets after June 12th 2016. Additional information will be provided regarding this functionality in the coming months. Please contact the IPOne call center at 844-240-1526 with any questions. 

Hot Tip of the Month: Mail in your Paper Timesheets

Hot Tip of the Month

Mail your Paper Timesheets to:

PPL Individual ProviderOne
PO Box 98698
Seattle, WA 98198

When you discover there is a mistake on your Paper timesheet DO NOT send in another timesheet unless directed by the call center. The second timesheet for the same pay period may be denied as a duplicate. The call center must make all paper timesheet corrections.

USCIS Form I-9 Changes


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released three short video vignettes for employees and employers that demonstrate how to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. As a service to Public Partnerships Employees, the information and resources are provided here. Watch the new Form I-9 videos and learn how to complete Sections 1, 2, and 3. Each vignette walks the viewer through the key steps in four minutes or less.

Please click here to view the I9 Videos directly on the PCG Public Partnerships site.


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