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Why You Need Your Own Email Address

Learn why having your own email address makes sense for self-direction

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Aging Adults, Self-Direction and Their Best Long-Term Care Option

Learn how and why self-direction is the best long-term care option for aging adults.

Self-direction is the best-kept secret in long-term care. Because self-direction allows Medicaid-eligible aging adults to live in their home and receive care from people they hire, such as family members or friends. This is the best way to ensure quality of life and home health care...

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COVID-19 Vaccination Process: Scheduling and the Importance of Getting the Vaccine

Getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus is something that has been on everyone’s mind. Do you want to be able to give your friend a hug? Do you want to be able to go a mass gathering such as a concert? Do you want to possibly go see your grandparents without fear of getting them sick?
For many individuals with disabilities these are some of the sacrifices our community has had to make...

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10 Reasons Why Self-Directed Home Care is the Right Choice for You or Your Loved One

Learn how and why self-direction gives you the best in care and support services

Self-directed home care for you or your loved one is the ideal way to maintain control over support and care decisions, to continue living at home, and to remain independent. In this blog we highlight the top 10 reasons why self-directed home care is the right choice for you or you loved one...

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Incomplete W-2 form

Your 2021 W-2 tax forms are available from Public Partnerships | PPL

Every year Public Partnerships mails W-2 tax forms to all support/care workers. This year we mailed the majority of our Form W-2s on Friday, January 22, 2021! The remainder...

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