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How Self-Directed Care Impacts Your Quality of Support

Self-directed home care benefits you, your loved ones, and your caregivers. Learn how self-direction gives everyone freedom, choice, independence, and consistency.

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How your EVV Vendor Decision Impacts So Many Lives

Learn how to support care/support workers and participants with an integrated EVV and FMS mobile solution. Make self-directed care delivery simple with Time4Care EVV

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Understanding Self-Directed Care: What it is & How it Works

Self-directed care gives Medicaid participants choice on how, where, and when their care is delivered. Learn how self-direction benefits you or your loved one.

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New Hampshire Self-Direction Home Care Case Study

In collaboration with Granite State Independent Living, Applied Self-Direction created a case study to better understand how individuals who self-direct are faring during the COVID-19 pandemic. The case study states that 82% of COVID deaths in New Hampshire are related to long-term care facilities and 0% of deaths are related to COVID in Self-Direction, with only 1 reported case of infection in Self-Direction.

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