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COVID-19 Vaccination Process: Scheduling and the Importance of Getting the Vaccine

Getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus is something that has been on everyone’s mind.

There are those of us who would like nothing more than to see everyone in the country get vaccinated. There are those who are hesitant to receive the vaccine for many reasons. If there is a question in peoples’ minds about whether they should or should not vaccinate, one needs to speak to their physician.

It is the urging of this author for those whom are not sure whether or not they should vaccinate without medical issues being the primary reason for being hesitant, to step back and think and ask themselves,

  • Do you want to be able to give your friend a hug?
  • Do you want to be able to go a mass gathering such as a concert?
  • Do you want to possibly go see your grandparents without fear of getting them sick?
  • Do you want the privilege of being able to go to a funeral and saying goodbye to a loved one?

For many individuals with disabilities these are some of the sacrifices our community has had to make. Many of us have been told by the medical community not to participate in these activities mentioned above.

Man and son sitting at home researching how to register and locate a COVID-19 vaccine center.
Man and son researching COVID-19 vaccine information online at home.

As the country continues to go through the current COVID-19 vaccination melee, many are left asking when, where, and how they can receive a vaccination. Well the answer is a bit tricky because it varies by state requirements and not a blanket federal policy.

There are several variables that effect when someone is eligible to receive a vaccination. Some of the variables include age, comorbidities, profession, the state in which one resides, and the phase that each state is currently in. In order to make the process easier to figure out, one should keep abreast of the status changes that are occurring throughout the country.

This is where technology can become extremely useful.

There are some websites such as FindAShot and Vaccine Finder that can help to clarify whether or not someone is eligible for a vaccine in a given phase or state, and also where to find one.

  • FindAShot will help an individual find appointment availability at certain pharmacies and supermarkets, such as Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and Giant Eagle.
  • Vaccine Finder can also help with letting an individual know which types of vaccines are being distributed where, giving the individual more choice in the brand of vaccine they receive such as Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

Using these tools may be frustrating at times because it is based on a “first come, first serve” appointment basis, meaning that once slots are full an individual will have to keep searching for the next available appointment.

Elderly woman sitting to receive her COVID-19 vaccine shot with her husband next to her.
Elderly woman receiving her COVID-19 vaccine with her elderly husband

If searching online is not an option that someone chooses to use, they can also ask about registering through their local hospital systems.

One can also check to see if various community centers or colleges are offering vaccines.

In the coming months, there should be many more vaccine centers being opened up around the country. As the country eagerly awaits President Biden’s announcement about vaccine registration and further availability, it is the aim of this author to make sure people do not forget the importance of the vaccination process.

In an effort to assist with the vaccination process, Public Partnerships has included paperwork on their website to assist Direct Care Workers (DCWs) in having proof of their status for their vaccinations. Letters have also begun to be mailed to DCWs in order to assist them in this matter.

Remember, getting a vaccine can save the life of not only yourself, but of your loved ones!