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CA SDP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers below to our most frequently asked questions regarding the California Self-Determination Program (SDP) and the role of Public Partnerships | PPL.

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California Self-Determination Program (SDP) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About PPL

CA Self-Determination Program (SDP) – General FAQ’s

Self-Determination Terminology

What is Person-Centered Planning?

CA Person Centered Planning is a process where your hopes and dreams are “put on paper.”

It is a plan for your future and to reach your life goals. The plan is all driven by you, reflecting what is important to you. Involving your family and your friends, your so-called “circle of support.” If you choose to include them!

What is an Individual Program Plan (IPP)?

This is one of the main outcomes of the person-centered planning process. (The other is your Individual Budget). Your CA Individual Program Plan (IPP) is a personalized plan for you documenting your goals and what and who is needed to reach them. Your plan should include the level and types of support and services you need to reach your goals.

What is an Individual Budget?

At the heart of Self-Determination is your own unique yearly budget* and spending plan** to fund the support and services you need to achieve your Individual Program Plan. This is another main outcome of the person-centered planning process, (the other is your Individual Program Plan (IPP)).

It is based on the amount the Regional Center spent on your behalf over the last 12 months.

Your individual budget can be increased based on the needs identified in your Individual Program Plan and if your circumstances/needs change.

Remember: You are in charge. You self-determine, so you are responsible for staying within your budget!

* Budget = amount of funds
** Spending plan = how you will spend, how much & when

What do “services” mean for a self-determining Californian?

Services can be defined as funds for activities and items within your home and out in the community that meet your unique needs. This could include transportation, home modifications, physical therapy, skills training, and equipment needs.

You can negotiate and purchase services, activities, and items from non-traditional/non-regional center vendored companies, such as your own local businesses or contacts. You can do this for yourself or negotiate unique arrangements with groups in your community.

What does “support” mean for a self-determining Californian?

"Support" can be defined as help with daily living in your chosen home and enabling you to be active in your community.

SDP participants and their families have the option to hire support workers directly. This may include family and friends.

What is an Financial Management Services (FMS) Provider?

A Financial Management Services (FMS) provider company can help you perform the following types of services based on the model you choose:

  • Pay for your services, activities, items.
  • Pay/tax those who support you and ensure all employment and other laws are being followed.
  • Track your monthly spending.
  • Verify the background/qualifications of your chosen care/support provider(s).

Helping You Self-Determine – You choose. Some are optional roles, some are required