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Public Partnerships | PPL is the #1 choice of Financial Management Services provider for self-directing program participants, their families and workers based on programs covered, states and Managed Care Organizations served.

Our employee benefits align to PPL.


Health and Wellness

Medical, Dental, and Vision

Benefit eligible employees are offered medical, dental and vision insurance on their first day of employment. PPL has a choice of two medical plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield that offer both in-network and out-of-network coverage. Staff may choose between three coverage levels. Dental Insurance is also provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The vision coverage is through EyeMed.


Wellness Program Incentive

If certain wellness activities are completed by employees in the Company health plan, PPL will provide a onetime annual taxable wellness payment of $350.

Domestic Partner Coverage

PPL provides a domestic partner health benefit for both same and opposite gender partners. The relationship must be established for at least six months and requires valid documentation.


Transparency in Coverage Rules

FAQs issued on Aug. 19, 2022 clarify that nothing in the TiC Final Rules requires plans to create their  own website for the purposes of providing a link to a location where the MRFs are publicly available, where:

  • The group health plan does not have its own public website; or
  • The plan sponsor (e.g., the employer) maintains a public website, but the group health plan sponsored by the employer does not.

Instead, a plan may satisfy the MRF disclosure requirements by entering into a written agreement under which a service provider (such as a TPA) posts the MRFs on its public website on behalf of the plan. To the extent a service provider posts the required information on its public website on behalf of a plan, the plan satisfies the requirements with respect to posting the information on a public website if the service provider makes the information available in the required manner, regardless of whether the group health plan has a public website. In the case of aggregated “Allowed Amounts” files, however, the plan must post a link to the file hosted by the service provider on the plan’s own website, if the plan maintains a public website.

Transparency in Coverage Machine Readable Files:


Quarterly Reimbursement

Employees that choose to participate in a non-PPL sponsored group medical plan may qualify for a quarterly reimbursement of up to $750 ($3,000 per calendar year) toward the cost of their medical premium (proof of coverage and payment required).


Basic Life Insurance

PPL provides basic life insurance to all benefit-eligible employees at no cost. Coverage is provided through CIGNA at an amount of one times the employee’s annual salary rounded to the next higher thousand, up to a maximum of $50,000.


Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental Life Insurance allows benefit-eligible employees to increase their life insurance coverage up to $500,000 and purchase affordable coverage for a spouse and/or dependent children and have the premiums payroll deducted.

Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance

STD insurance, provided through CIGNA, is available to all benefit-eligible employees at no cost. In the event of a non-occupational illness or injury, this benefit provides income replacement of 66.6% of an employee’s basic weekly earnings, to a maximum of $1,500 per week. Waiting periods apply.


Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

LTD insurance, provided through CIGNA is available to all benefit-eligible employees. This benefit provides income replacement of 60% of an employee’s basic monthly earnings, to a maximum of $7,500 per month. Employees may elect to allow PCG to cover the full cost of LTD, or may opt to pay their own premium in order to avoid paying taxes on any benefit payments.



AFLAC offers a variety of voluntary employee-pay-all customized policies that cover accidents, cancer, and short-term disability. The policies are designed to pay cash benefits directly to employees to help with loss of income, deductibles and co-pays, unexpected medical bills and day-to-day living expenses like mortgages, car payments, childcare, and more. Employee premiums may be payroll deducted.



Life and Family

Paid Parental Leave

Eligible employees* receive up to 20 weeks of paid maternity leave and up to 12 weeks of paid parental or adoption leave, subject to certain wage caps. PCG will cover the difference in both wage replacement and duration, regardless of those paid in one's own home state plan, to the maximums stated in our policy.

*To be eligible for these benefits, salaried employees must work at PPL for six months and hourly employees must work at PPL for 12 months.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The company-paid EAP, provided through Life Assistance Program, offers assistance with a variety of employee concerns, such as stress or anxiety, work and family issues, substance abuse, depression and elder care. This professional counseling and referral program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to all PPL employees.


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

PPL offers reimbursement accounts through Sentinel Benefits to allow employees to pay for qualified parking, public transportation, healthcare and dependent care expenses on a tax-free basis. Employees can sign up for:

FSA Healthcare: $2650 max/year

FSA Dependent Care: $5000 max/year

FSA Parking: $265 max/month

FSA Transit: $265 max/month


Paid Time Off (PTO)

Salaried employees receive four weeks or 20 days of PTO per year (13.33 hours accrued per month) while full time hourly employees receive three weeks or 15 days of PTO per year (10 hours accrued per month). After six years of employment, PTO increases to five weeks or 25 days per year for salaried employees (16.67 hours per month) and four weeks or 20 days per year for hourly employees (13.33 hours per month). PCG employees can also carry over a certain amount of unused PTO hours each year.



Ten paid holidays per calendar year.


Retirement and Savings

401(k) Retirement Plan

PPL’s 401(k) Retirement Plan lets employees save money for retirement, while reducing taxable income through pre-tax contributions. Employees may affirmatively enroll, or an automatic 6% contribution of an employee’s gross annual salary will begin after six months of employment, and commence on the next closest quarter. The PCG discretionary match program is based on a maximum of 6% of gross salary.


529 College Bound Fund

The 529 College Bound Fund is a tax-advantaged way for employees to save for college and college-related expenses for children, grandchildren, or even themselves. The 529 plan allows investments to grow tax free.



Employee Growth, Engagement, and Additional Perks

PPL University

PPL University offers a number of video, on-line and on-site courses focused on general administrative, supervisory and consulting skills development.


Liberty Mutual Auto, Home, and Renter's Insurance

PPL employees qualify for a special group discount on auto, home, and renters' insurance through Group Savings Plus from Liberty Mutual. This unique program allows employees to purchase auto, home, and renters' insurance at low group rates through the convenience of payroll deduction.