Case Study: Tennessee Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services (DIDS)

The Client:

Tennessee Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services (DIDS)

The Project:

Financial administration and supports brokerage services to individuals participating in the Self-Determination waiver program.

The Challenge:

The Self-Determination waiver is the only waiver in Tennessee that allows individuals with developmental disabilities to direct their own services. The program was implemented in 2006, and because of its popularity, DIDS anticipated that program would double in size within a year. The State sought a vendor with experience managing similar large projects and also needed a contractor that could provide statewide support brokerage.

In January 2007, DIDS awarded Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) a three-year contract to provide fiscal administration services and supports brokerage services to individuals participating in the self-direction portion of the Self-Determination waiver. PPL subcontracted with The Arc of Tennessee, and together they developed a system specific to the State’s needs.

The PPL Approach:

Along with The Arc, the PPL team provided services including:

  • State-wide launch of PPL services with on-site participant information sessions to explain the transition, program requirements, and tax requirements to participants, their employees, and their representatives;
  • Development of program rules with DIDS and IT staff;
  • Enforcement of state and federal program requirements;
  • Configured PPL information technology platforms to fit the State’s unique program requirements;
  • Developed materials and processes to support program participants;
  • Customized reports to the State’s program requirements;
  • Instituted monthly meetings and quarterly on-site meetings with the State to improve program efficiency;

The Result:

  • Since January 2007, the number of participants in the program has grown 291%--from 90 participants in the first month to 352 less than three years later. The program averages 3% growth each month.
  • On average, PPL customer service staff fields 404 calls per month and maintains a 90% service level.
  • TennCare, the state’s Medicaid agency, is using this program as a model for a new waiver program for elders.




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