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Industry News

Woman With Her Father In His Wheelchair At Home In The Bedroom

COVID Spurs Families to Shun Nursing Homes, a Shift That Appears Long Lasting

The pandemic is reshaping the way Americans care for their elderly, prompting family decisions to avoid nursing homes and keep loved ones in their own homes for rehabilitation and other care.

Americans have long relied on institutions to care for the frailest seniors. The U.S. has the largest number of nursing-home residents in the world. But families and some doctors have been reluctant to send patients to such facilities, fearing infection and isolation in places ravaged by Covid-19, which has caused more than 115,000 deaths linked to U.S. long-term-care institutions.


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Monica E. Oss Open Minds

Caregiver News: The Unpaid Caregiver Dilemma and Why It Matters

Many of the strategies for improving the U.S. health and human service system are based on moving more consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs to home-based care that is tech-enabled and supported by unpaid caregivers. There are two big assumptions here. First, that there is stable housing for this population, the second assumption is that there is a supply of willing and able unpaid caregivers for these consumers.

If you look at the numbers, these assumptions are problematic.

There are 53 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S. today—that’s one in five Americans—that have provided care to an adult or child with special needs at some time in the past 12 months.


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Long-Term Care News

In a recent news, this article demonstrates how “the COVID-19 crisis has shone a harsh light on the human costs of a long-term care system that relies too heavily on institutional services like nursing homes.”  Long-term care home based options are clearly destined to grow.

Learn more about the efforts top Medicare and Medicaid officials are driving to boost the home and community-based services in response to this devastating pandemic crises.

LTC Relies Too Heavily on Nursing Homes