Public Partnerships, DPW Continue to Resolve Home Care Worker Pay Issues

HARRISBURG (Feb. 4, 2013) -- Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) and the state Department of Public Welfare have paid 92 percent of the valid time sheets for home care workers in the state, and they continue to aggressively and successfully resolve issues during this payroll transition period. 


PPL, which won a competitive contract with DPW, has put new processes in place that allow the agency to automate a portion of the data correction that had previously required manual research.  This now allows PPL to more quickly approve additional timesheets, and has helped PPL in the last week go from approving nearly 80 percent of time sheets to 92 percent.


PPL has worked diligently to get information to Pennsylvanians who use this program. It has held about 130,000 personal customer service interactions since it opened up customer service lines in the state on November 1 and it continues to expand its capacity to meet consumers’ needs every day.


Comments from those who use the service show appreciation for the work that PPL and DPW are doing to successfully work through issues. Linzey Zoccola, a participant, said that her direct care worker “received her first paychecks from PPL and we are confident things will forever be smooth now.  ... [W]e never blamed PPL or any one individual for the complications.  I think PPL is making the best out of a really tough situation."


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  • “Kianga displayed Superior Customer Service on her call today, let me vent, had great patience, and came up with a solution that I was happy with. Thanks.”– program participant in Virginia

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