West Virginia Personal Options - Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver

Personal Options

Personal Options is a self-directed service option available to participants of the Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver Program. This option is designed to give participants more choice and control over the care and services they receive.

If you are an AD Waiver participant, Personal Options allows you to:

  • Manage your monthly budget for Participant-Directed Services;
  • Select, hire, and manage your own employees including friends and family members, to assist you with activities of daily living;
  • Determine your employees’ schedules and rates of pay within federal and state limits;
  • Purchase goods and services, including assistive devices and home modifications, to increase your independence at home and in the community;

Purchase other allowable services, such as Personal Assistance/Homemaker Services, RN services, RN assessment services, Transportation services and Case Management services.

Consulting Services

PPL Resource Consultants are available to assist you with the responsibilities of self direction. PPL will:

  • Help you understand Participant-directed roles and responsibilities;;
  • Help you develop a plan and budget to meet your needs;
  • Provide information and resources to help you hire, train, and manage your employees;
  • Provide information and resources to help you purchase goods and services;
  • Help you with required paperwork and;
  • Help you select a representative to assist you, as needed.

Financial Management Services

PPL financial staff will assist you with responsibilities of managing your budget and being an employer. PPL will:

  • File required paperwork for you to become an employer;
  • Perform payroll and tax functions, including processing timesheets and invoices and withholding Federal and State taxes;
  • Conduct criminal background checks on all employees;
  • Check provider and vendor qualifications;
  • Conduct end-of-year tax reporting;
  • Provide timely and accurate information for you to manage your monthly budget; and

Quality Assurance

PPL is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and quality assurance. PPL Resource Consultants and Customer Services Representatives will:

  • Monitor health and safety through frequent contact and home visits;
  • Complete required program documentation;
  • Evaluate your satisfaction with PPL services; and
  • Answer your questions about Personal Options and PPL Services.


For information on Personal Options, contact:

West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services
(304) 558-3317; (877) 987-3646
West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services (BMS)


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Customer Assistance

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What Clients are Saying...

  • “Kianga displayed Superior Customer Service on her call today, let me vent, had great patience, and came up with a solution that I was happy with. Thanks.”– program participant in Virginia