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Self- Directed Attendant Care (SDAC) is a model of service delivery that offers more autonomy, choice, control, and responsibility to members in the Arizona Long-Term Care System, residing in their own homes, who want to direct their own care. Members have the right and the ability to make decisions to ensure that their care and support needs are met, including who will provide the services and when they will be provided. The SDAC option allows members to make decisions about the specific tasks that will be performed by their Attendant Care Worker. With the SDAC service option, members hire, train, manage and, if needed, terminate their own workers.


Members who select the SDAC service option are required to utilize a Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent. Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) has contracted with EverCare Select to serve as the Fiscal/Employer Agent (FEA) for this program. As the FEA, PPL will issue payments to members’ workers using their authorized Medicaid funds and will assume responsibility for managing all tax withholding and filing on the member’s behalf.

As an enrolled member, the SDAC service option allows you to:

  • Manage your monthly authorization using reports provided by PPL;
  • Select, hire, train, and manage your own attendant care workers;
  • Determine your workers’ schedules and tasks so you’re choosing how and when services
           are delivered to you;
  • Establish performance evaluation criteria for each employee;
  • Review and approve employee timesheets; and
  • Be in charge, but also have help and support available when you need it.

As your FEA, PPL will:

  • Issue paychecks to employees based on properly completed, signed timesheets;
  • Withhold State and Federal taxes for each employee;
  • File monthly, quarterly, and annual forms and tax deposits with State and Federal agencies;
  • Issue W-2 Statements to each employee in January;
  • Provide reports to you on a monthly basis;
  • Answer all questions that you and your employees have about enrollment, timesheets, and
  • Help you and your employees with the enrollment process; and
  • Arrange to purchase worker’s compensation insurance to cover your employees.

If you are already an enrolled Member or Attendant Care Worker and would like to visit our user site, please login using your username and password. This can be found in your ‘Timesheet Instructions' in your PPL Enrollment Packet.

If you are an eligible member and are interested in enrolling in the SDAC option, please contact your Case Manager. 

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