Oklahoma ADvantage Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services and Supports (CD-PASS)

Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) is pleased to provide Fiscal Reporting Agent services for the State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services and Aging Division CD-PASS service Option.

Member/Employers enrolled in the CD-PASS service option can:

  • Direct/hire your own staff;
  • Employ your own in-home Personal Service Assistant or Advanced Personal Service Assistant; and
  • Direct employee duties, oversee work hours, and approve timesheets.

PPL Services:

  • Establish members as employers of record;
  • Pay employees on a semi-monthly basis;
  • Withhold, deposit, and file payroll taxes;
  • Submit quarterly tax deposit and budget reports to CD-PASS members/employers; and
  • Handle all year-end employer tax filing requirements.


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Program Documents

USCIS Form I-9 Changes

Program Contacts

Mark Altieri
Mark Altieri

E-mail: maltieri@pcgus.com

Customer Assistance

If you need assistance or if you are a new user with questions pertaining to your program, please contact us at:

Virginia Consumer-Directed Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA) Services Program Hotline:


What Clients are Saying...

  • “Kianga displayed Superior Customer Service on her call today, let me vent, had great patience, and came up with a solution that I was happy with. Thanks.”– program participant in Virginia