Washington New Freedom Program, Financial Management Services

Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) has contracted with the Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) to serve as the Financial Management Services provider for the New Freedom Program.  New Freedom is a voluntary Medicaid funded program that allows eligible participants, including elders and adults with disabilities, to receive services in their home and community, while managing their own service plan and budget.  New Freedom is currently available to participants residing in King County.  

As a Participant enrolled in New Freedom, you can:

  • Work with your Care Consultant to develop your spending plan and manage your services within your authorized budget;
  • Use your authorized budget funds to save towards larger, planned purchases;
  • Select vendors for purchasing needed goods and services;
  • Select and hire your own Individual Providers;
  • Direct employee duties, oversee work hours, and approve timesheets

As the Financial Management Services provider, PPL is responsible for:

  • Enrolling new participants and establishing contracts with Individual Providers and Vendors;
  • Conducting criminal background checks on all Individual Providers;
  • Working with the Social Service Payment System (SSPS) to ensure your provider’s are paid for services delivered to you;
  • Processing payments for your Home Care Agency and Vendor services;  
  • Ensuring that your providers continue to stay up-to-date with training and contracting requirements;
  • Managing your individual budget funds, including funds in your Savings Budget;
  • Providing customer service and support to program stakeholders


If you are already enrolled in the New Freedom program and would like to visit the PPL Web Portal, please go to the following web address and enter your login ID and password:



Program Contacts

Stacey Sereno

Stacey Soucy

E-mail: ssoucy@pcgus.com
Customer Service: 1-888-866-0642

Customer Assistance

If you need assistance or if you are a new user with questions pertaining to your program, please contact us at:

New Freedom Program Hotline:


What Clients are Saying...

  • “Kianga displayed Superior Customer Service on her call today, let me vent, had great patience, and came up with a solution that I was happy with. Thanks.”– program participant in Virginia