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Making Self-Directed Home Care Easier For All

Wellness and Support for Caregivers

Wellness and Support for Caregivers

Heart in Hands iconBeing a caregiver can be challenging. We understand this and know that sometimes the hardest challenges may not be caring for your loved one, but instead making sure you take proper care of yourself.

Below are educational, health and wellness resources from caregiving organizations made especially for people like you.

Caregiver Tips and Tricks for the Home

If you care for a loved one, an individual with disabilities, chronic illnesses or an aging adult, you may have experienced home activities or care situations which could be made simpler but were not sure how to accomplish it.

Here we have some tips and tricks for you to help you and your loved one with everyday actions that may otherwise cause frustration or be difficult to manage.

Interested in more tips and tricks for a safe and successful home environment?

Check out this "Life Hacks for Caregivers" video by AARP which covers everything from how to prevent cups from slipping from grasp to safe manicuring techniques.

Make Everyday Activities Easier by AARP

Did you know?

The average age of a family caregiver is 44 years old according to a 2020 national survey completed by AARP.

External Wellness and Educational Resources

Staying healthy While Caring For Others Making time for your own wellness needs
Fall Prevention Knowing how to properly support yourself and others
How To Talk To Someone With Dementia Essential tips for communicating for someone with dementia

Frequently Asked Questions from Caregivers

Support For You, Wherever You Are

Being a caregiver for a family member, individual with disabilities or chronic illnesses, or an aging adult is a valuable service need and Public Partnerships | PPL is proud to support your decision to help and care for the people who need it most.

Here we offer a listing of national agencies, not-for-profit organizations and alliance groups for you to reference and use when in need of caregiving support, assistance or information guidance for any number of daily or long-term planning needs.

Family Caregiver Alliance AARP National Institute on Aging
Alzheimer's Association Administration on Aging National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Down Syndrome Society Administration for Community Living