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Shining a spotlight on a few of the people that make self-direction so remarkable. Take a moment and meet just a few of the incredible caregivers and PPL staff, learn about their long-standing expertise in the field of self-direction and how they each take the time to make self-direction better and easier for all.

Meet the people

Medicaid Changes - What it Means for Self-Direction by Suzanne Crisp

The nation’s Medicaid program is embarking on a significant undertaking - redetermining eligibility for all 91 million people on the program and returning to normal eligibility operations.

As of May 11, 2023, COVID-19 public health emergency expired. The Urban Institute estimates upwards of eighteen million people may transition off Medicaid insurance coverage with four million people becoming uninsured entirely since the expiration of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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Independent Life Podcast Features PPL's Mark Altieri

Check out the recent writeup and podcast “The Independent Life,” featuring Mark Altieri, PPL’s VP of Business Development. The episode is called “Self-Directed Home Care with Mark Altieri.”

In this episode, host Tony Delisle discusses with Mark the basics behind self-directed care, its benefits, and PPL’s role in this model. Mark begins with his personal experience and connection to self-direction. During the conversation, Mark breaks down the reasons for self-direction and why - especially now - it’s a great solution.

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