Participant Spending Reports

Providing participants with the information they need to manage their budgets.

PPL’s Family Friendly Reports keep participants’ families and case managers informed on a monthly basis about the financial results of their service choices. This report, which can be customized for each program, captures goods and services budgeted and purchased on a year-to-date basis and provides participants with a tool for budget management much like a bank statement.

PPL’s Family Friendly Reports Include:

  • monthly budgeted amount;
  • monthly expenses;
  • amount approved and disbursed for each service compared to the amount billed;
  • yearly budgeted amount by service; and
  • projected expenditures for the remainder of the fiscal year.


Just as a bank statement provides a snapshot of data, PPL’s Family Friendly Reports show only the state of the participant’s budget on the day the report was generated. However, our Web Portal provides live, up-to-the-minute data regarding the participant’s budget and posted timesheets and invoices. Users can see submitted and approved timesheets, check amounts and check numbers, total allocated amounts, and remaining funds online 24/7.


Budget Report

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