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Alabama Alabama Department of Mental Health (DMH) Division of Developmental Disabilities- Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Waiver


Alabama (AL& LAH) Home and Community Base Waiver Services – Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Waiver & Living at Home (LAH) Waiver

The ID and LAH Waiver program serves individuals with intellectual disabilities who have substantial limitations in three or more of the following areas of life: self-care, receptive and expressive language, learning, self-direction, capacity for independent living, and mobility. These services are provided across the state to any applicant who meets the provided qualification criteria.

Participants can

  • Recruit, hire, manage, and dismiss employees.
  • Monitor their spending whenever they want on the MyAccount™ platform
  • Use the MyAccount™ web portal to review their approved services and budget
  • Select services and supports that are unique to their needs


Who we serve

  • Individuals 3 years of age and older with Intellectual Disabilities



  • Payroll - PPL processes payroll for the providers using funds from the participant's allocated budget
  • Employment tax requirements - PPL handles all employment-related tax requirements for participants
  • Monthly budget management - We support participants in managing their allocated budgets
  • Enrollment support - We help you with participant and provider enrollment
  • Customer service - Our professional Customer Service Representatives are available 5 days a week to assist you
  • Service reports - PPL's services reports give participants an overview of the services they have received