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California Title 17 Waiver Respite Program (Golden Gate Regional Center ONLY)
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The California Golden Gate Regional Center Participant Directed Services program (Title 17 Waiver Respite Program (Golden Gate Regional Center ONLY)) assists individuals with disabilities and the elderly through the California Department of Developmental Services.

Participants can

  • Manage their budget using the BetterOnline™ web portal whenever they want
  • Hire, dismiss, supervise, and schedule their employees
  • Use the BetterOnline to submit and review timesheets


Who we serve

  • The elderly
  • Adults and children with disabilities



  • Payroll - PPL processes payroll for service workers using funds from the participant's allocated budget
  • Budget management - We support participants in managing their allocated budgets
  • Employment tax requirements - PPL handles all employment-related tax requirements for participants