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Notice: Change of PPL Email Address

Please note that all PPL email addresses have changed. Our emails have changed from ending in to ending in Please change the end of any email you have on file for us to or check our Contact Us page to ensure your email will reach us. 


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E-Invoicing for Vendors and Individuals


PPL’s E-Invoicing System – Register Today!

Get paid faster and easier than ever with e-invoicing.

What is e-Invoicing?

E-Invoicing is electronic invoice submission and approval for goods and services paid for by PPL. Your other choice for invoice is submission is by paper, which can be time consuming and can contain errors that will need additional work to correct.

E-Invoicing is fast, easy, and best of all reduces errors so invoices get paid on time! Vendors submit online and Employers of Record (EORs), Individuals or Authorized Representatives automatically receive an email to approve the invoice, making the whole process quick for everyone.

With electronic submission and approval, the wait times for paper processing are eliminated and your payment can be processed that much faster!

Register now at

Why should I use it?

Benefits for Vendors:

  1. Reduces errors, so you get paid on time.
  2. Saves time by completing electronically.
    1. Live signatures not required as EORs also approve electronically!
  3. Easy to use.

Benefits for EORs, Individuals or Authorized Representatives:

  1. No written signatures to manage.
  2. Ensure participants maintain individual goods and service with no interruptions.

Where can I get more information on how to register and use e-Invoicing?

We have instructions for both Vendors and EORs below! Once you’re ready to begin, navigate to

 Instructions for Vendors 

 Instructions for Individuals 

E-Invoice 2023 Pay Schedule

E-Invoice 2024 Pay Schedule