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Attention RI: PPL's last date of service with RI is Oct 7

NOTICE: PPL has their last date of service with the Rhode Island Independent Provider Program on 10/07/2023. This program will be moved to another FI called The Fogarty Center. You have received a letter regarding filling out paperwork for this new FI. You will need to return that paperwork to continue in the Self-Direction program. Not enrolling in the new FI may result in delays with your services! Please click here for who to call with questions and final service dates.

AVISO: PPL tiene su última fecha de servicio con el Programa de Proveedores Independientes de Rhode Island el 7 de octubre, 2023. Este programa se trasladará a otro intermediario fiscal (FI) llamada The Fogarty Center. Ud. ha recibido una carta sobre cómo completar el papeleo para esta nueva FI. Necesita devolver esa documentación para continuar en el programa de Autodirección. ¡No inscribirse en la nueva FI puede resultar en retrasos con sus servicios! Haga clic aquí [Documento de preguntas frecuentes] para saber a quién llamar si tiene preguntas y fechas finales de servicio.

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PPL Match

Public Partnerships (PPL) supports Medicaid eligible individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses and aging adults, to remain in their homes and communities while “self” directing their own long-term home care. Self-Directed Home Care is an alternative to admittance into long-term care facilities or using staffing agencies, enabling Participants to select their own Providers and determine what services they need when to best support their health and happiness. Our Participants and their Providers form incredibly special bonds with consistent, one-on-one time in their homes or on adventures around the community.

If you are interested in becoming a Provider for a Participant within PPL’s network, you can create a Care Provider profile with PPL Match, which helps facilitate connections between interested Providers and Participants in need of care support. Creating a profile is quick and easy, click here to find out if it’s available in your area.


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