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Real Program Members. Real Feedback

Andy, Participant: "He has been in the program for years and he said the hiring process improvement over the past 2-3 years has been great. He also said he's very happy with improvements on the Time4Care™ app."

Heather, Participant: Heather shared that she is looking for more ways to get out of the "disabled" box. She's a younger member and wants to be as active as possible in her community. The flexibility of Consumer Direction services allows her to set her schedule when she needs support from her workers.

Gary, 10 year Participant: "As a quadriplegic, he (Gary) has high level ADLs and needs skilled workers he trusts. He strongly believes he would not have the same quality of life if he wasn't self-directing his care. He's said everyone should ask their Care Coordinator about Consumer Direction (Self-Direction)."

April, Participant: April is a newer member and said before she went through agencies that were unreliable. Now that she's on Consumer Direction, she has a worker who she knows and likes and is always there when she needs her.

Michael, Participant: "He (Michael) has had a few workers over the years he's been in Consumer Direction, bt says he finds the rate of pay allowed in the program very competitive. The past few times he's hired a worker have been very easy with Online Enrollment."

Marvin, Participant: "Being able to set his own schedule has changed the way he lives his life. He's no loner living based on when an agency can accommodate him. His day-to-day is his control."

Leisa, mother of Grace a Participant: "My daughter, Grace, and her Consumer Direction worker are best buddies! Grace's worker get her ready and transports her to her job. Grace loves her job, and her mom is thankful for a program that will allow flexibility for her to work & get the assistance she needs."

Sarah, Participant: "Sarah said that even though they only use Consumer Direction for Respite, her Respite worker is so reliable whenever they need her. She knows she would never have the opportunity under an agency to use Respite in the "last minute" way she does with Consumer Direction."