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Appendix K Flexibility Update!

As a reminder, the pandemic-related flexibility that allows reimbursement to spouses, or parents of children under age 18 for providing personal care services to waiver eligible consumers will end on February 29, 2024. For more information, please visit:

NOTE: If you are not a parent/step-parent/legal guardian of a consumer that is a minor nor a spouse of the consumer, this change does not apply to you. No action is needed.

VA 2023 W2 Reminder

Notice! If an attendant had wages in 2023 but had no taxable income or taxes, they will not receive a W-2. Because there is nothing to report your W2 would be blank. The IRS does not accept blank W2s.

Notice: Change of PPL Email Address

Please note that all PPL email addresses have changed. Our emails have changed from ending in to ending in Please change the end of any email you have on file for us to or check our Contact Us page to ensure your email will reach us. 


VA Annual Tax Notice!

Annual Tax Notice! Attendants who are exempt from federal and state income taxes only, must update their VA-4 and W4 forms each year. Please submit your new forms to PPL by 2/15/24.

BetterOnline™ Login Registration
Virginia UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

Virginia MyAccount Information


Welcome Virginia MyAccount users!

Log in to PPL MyAccount

Within a self-directed program, there is information and documentation that you and providers need to supply or monitor as well as forms that need to be updated and maintained. In the past, a lot of this was provided over the phone or through physical paperwork. PPL previously offered the BetterOnline™ web portal so that you and your providers could monitor their information online. 

That was then, new advancements have been made after hearing your feedback!

The BetterOnline web portal has since replaced with a new online account access platform that offers greater flexibility, accessibility and account management options to help you simply and manage your information easily and quickly all at the click of a button.

To that end, we’ve created the PPL’s all new web portal, MyAccount!

Picture of a laptop with the PPL MyAccount dashboard screen showing

For program participants/their authorized representatives, and their care/support workers, MyAccount makes it easier to create and manage their online information with PPL, anytime, when it is convenient for them.

It includes the ability to:

  • Quickly establish an online PPL account with new and improved self-service features
  • View the automated enrollment and hiring process of care/support worker with auto-email and electronic / e-signature capabilities
  • Have 24/7 access to account details, budget management, and payroll progress to perform key actions faster

For Case Managers or similar roles, MyAccount makes it easier to:

  • Make online referrals for those individuals who qualify to self-direct
  • Monitor the enrollment progress of participants and their care/support workers
  • Assist participants in budget/authorization management activities and issues

Training and Educational Materials just for YOU!

To assist all VA users in the transition to MyAccount, below we offer resources for you, our Consumers, Providers and Service Facilitators, paying special attention to the details that make the Virginia Cardinal Care program unique.

We continue to offer the latest user guides and frequently asked questions (FAQs) reference sheets based on your role within the VA Cardinal Care program.

MyAccount User Guides and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Program Participants

Providers/Attendants/Care/Support Workers

  • Click here for your Provider/Attendant/Care/Support Worker user guide
  • Click here for your Spanish Provider/Attendant/Care/Support Worker user guide
  • Click here for your latest Provider/Attendant/Care/Support Worker FAQs

Service Facilitators/Case Managers

  • Click here for your Service Facilitator/Case Manager user guide
  • Click here for your latest Service Facilitator/Case Manager FAQs

If you would like some help getting started with MyAccount, check out our general instructional videos on this page.