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Unemployment in the Commonwealth of Virginia

As an attendant in the Consumer-Directed Services Program, unemployment taxes are paid by your fiscal employer agent (F/EA) on behalf of your Consumer-Directed Employer to the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC). Should an attendant meet the rules set by the VEC, you may be eligible to apply for unemployment.

Questions? Feel free to visit the VEC website for more information at They can also be reached at 866-832-2363; 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday – Friday. As a gentle reminder, Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) is your F/EA; your employer is the Employer of Record (EOR) for whom you work

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Virginia UnitedHealthcare Community Plan


Virginia's Consumer-Directed Fiscal/Employer Agent Services support people who are eligible for Medicaid through Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and choose to direct their own services. Attendants provide personal care services for participants in these programs:

  • Cardinal Care Plus Waiver (Formally known as EDCD/Tech Waiver)
  • Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT)

Participants can

  • Manage authorized service hours to meet assessed needs and goals
  • Recruit, hire, manage, and dismiss employees
  • Monitor the utilization of services online whenever they want
  • Submit and monitor timesheets online using the BetterOnline™ web portal


Who we serve

  • The elderly
  • Individuals with disabilities



  • Payroll - PPL processes payroll for the service workers using funds from the participant's allocated budget
  • Enrollment support - We help you with participant and worker enrollment
  • Customer service - Our professional Customer Service Representatives are available 6 days a week to assist you
  • Employment tax requirements - PPL handles all employment-related tax requirements for participants