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Your journey of self-directed home care in Maryland is here.
PPL is proud to support you in this journey.
Maryland Maryland Financial Management and Counseling Services (FMCS)
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Why Choose PPL

Hear directly from the people we serve

We are Public Partnerships | PPL and we are one of your choices for Financial Management Counselling Services (FMCS) provider for yourself or a loved one in Maryland.

PPL is the nation’s #1 choice of FMCS by the number of states, participants, and families we proudly partner with. We have 23 years of experience in leading FMCS in self-direction, which is just one of the many reasons we hope to demonstrate why you should have PPL by your side on your self-directed journey.

So don't just take it from us, lets see and hear from our staff and other people we serve.

PPL should be YOUR new FMCS, here's why.

Financial Benefits to Your/Your Loved One & Your Providers

Being the largest FMCS nationwide means we can pass savings from our size and scale back to you! That’s why we have the lowest fee you will hear today.

Now, as you face paying for your FMCS fees, you have a choice to get so much more from your personalized budget.


PPL is the Lowest Cost FMCS Choice in Maryland at $83.00!

In fact, by choosing PPL you will save between $480 and $1400 in FMCS fees annually!


Ease of Getting Started and Managing Your Self-Directed Life

The second reason for why choose PPL is the Ease of Getting Started and Managing Your Self-Directed Life.

PPL offers not just affordability, but simplicity and quality tools and services and pretty cool people too.


Experienced For Your Peace of Mind

The third, of many reasons we want you to remember for why you should choose PPL, is our 23 years of experience.

Since forming in 1999 we have proudly served over half a million participants and 800,000 providers.



How Would You Spend Extra Money In Your Budget

Need more reasons? We have them right here!

Our financial benefits don’t stop at participants!

We know that your providers are your trusted resources, and our mission is to also make life easier for them. Our size and experience allow us to constantly innovate and make new services available.

One exciting service we wanted to introduce today is our partnership with DailyPay Inc.
With this new “earned wage access” service, we make it easier for your in-home providers to access a portion of their earned pay whenever they need it for a small fee, and not have to wait for scheduled paydays.

Signing up for the DailyPay app is voluntary, free and simple to get started.

PPL MyAccount Dashboard Screen

You also gain our easy-to-use digital tools. Our MyAccount portal and Time4Care™ mobile app are exclusive to us.

Our product specialist designed these tools specifically around the needs of self-direction based on our years of experience.

MyAccount is a modern and easy-to-use interface providing everything you need to manage your self-directed life. Users can see everything for themselves, who they work with, and their budget status.

PPL Time4Care Mobile App Login Screen

Once you’ve asked your CCS to be assigned to PPL, you will have ONE contact to assist you in everything you need to get started.

We are happy to assist you in-person at your home, in our office, over the phone, or via video chat. We also offer a dedicated program phone number, with one of the largest customer service operations of any of our competitors.


PPL has your back with these 3 main reasons along with many more as to why you should choose us.

Ask your CCS for PPL!

I'm Ready to Choose PPL!

Download a copy of why PPL is your best FMCS choice!