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Your journey of self-directed home care in Maryland is here.
PPL is proud to support you in this journey.
Maryland Maryland Office of Long-Term Services and Support (OLTSS)
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Self-Direction Overview

Self-direction typically means you hire someone you trust to provide you with the services and support you need in your home. You handle the day-to-day tasks of managing them and their payroll comes from Medicaid or state funds. Find out more about Self-Direction by watching this video!

We are here to help you! Request pre-enrollment information and assistance.

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Find Out What Self-Direction is All About!

Want to find out more about why you should choose PPL as your FMCS choice or reach out to PPL to get started as your FMCS?

Are you facing a stressful long-term care choice for yourself or a loved one?

Is the prospect of entering a nursing home or institutional facility at some point in the future, a choice you would prefer not to make?

Are you being impacted by the current Nursing Home crisis caused by COVID-19?

Are you tired of the hassle, lack of control and restrictions of using home care agencies including day-care programs?

It’s a reality faced by many aging adults, individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses and their families.

However, there is an alternative for those who are Medicaid eligible - self-directed home care.  Some have called it “the best kept secret in long-term care” one that can lead to more hours of care for you/your loved one.

Participating in a self-directed home care program gives you back choice, control, and independence. It has the potential to transform lives - yours, your family's, and those of your support network.