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Your journey of self-directed home care in West Virginia is here.
PPL is proud to support you in this journey.
West Virginia DailyPay

Make any day PAYDAY!

PPL is partnering with DailyPay, Inc. to make available earned wage access for self-directed home care/support workers. 

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  1. DailyPay in West Virginia
  2. DailyPay Frequently Asked Questions

DailyPay in West Virginia

Now you can make any day payday in West Virginia!

Access a portion of what you already earned before payday for a small fee

Early access to your earned pay can help you budget and cover your short-term financial needs.


Your Dailypay balance increases each time you work. Transfer money to your bank account any time before payday for a small fee.


Whatever you don't transfer is automatically sent on your scheduled payday, free of charge.

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Scan this code to get started or go to

Any monies not distributed will be returned by PPL to the federal government at the close of the program.

The fee you pay to get your earned pay early will depend on how quickly you need access to it in your bank account.

There are two transfer options:

  1. Next Business Day transfer for 0.49 cents
  2. 2) Immediate transfer for $3.49.

PPL and DailyPay have produced a detailed set of Frequently Asked Questions so you can learn more, know who to contact, and introduce DailyPay’s free of charge savings feature.

Need more help?

We understand you may have questions and there are many ways to reach the support staff that can help you for a variety of needs.

You may contact DailyPay if you are having issues with the app, fees, or questions about transfers:

If you have questions about your DailyPay balance or your pay in general, please contact PPL’s customer service department.