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Self-Directed Home Care

You or Your loved one

Self-Directed Home Care for You or Your Loved One

Are you facing a stressful long-term care choice for yourself or a loved one?

Is the prospect of entering a nursing home or institutional facility at some point in the future, a choice you would prefer not to make?

Are you being impacted by the current Nursing Home crisis caused by COVID-19?

Are you tired of the hassle, lack of control and restrictions of using home care agencies including day-care programs?

It’s a reality faced by many aging adults, individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses and their families.

However, there is an alternative for those who are Medicaid eligible - self-directed home care.  Some have called it “the best kept secret in long-term care” one that can lead to more hours of care for you/your loved one.

Participating in a self-directed home care program gives you back choice, control, and independence. It has the potential to transform lives - yours, your family's, and those of your support network.

The Greens' Self-Directed Home Care Journey

Did you know?

Depending on your state Self-Direction may also be referred to as a “Consumer Direction” or a "Participant Direction" program.

What we do

Public Partnerships | PPL supports program participants in multiple states who want to self-direct their or their loved one’s services and support. You work within your state’s rules to hire care/support workers you like and trust, who could be your relatives or friends who may be already doing this, unpaid.  We provide easy-to-use tools that help you manage your budget, approve your care/support workers’ time sheets, and process their paychecks. We also handle care/support worker background checks and withhold taxes.

We focus on paying your care/support workers within your budget —so you can remain in your home while focusing on what is most important – yourself and your loved one.


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Learn if there is an existing self-directed home care program in your state.

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