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Attention: Please Read this Special Transition Notice

Attention CHC Waiver Participants: Please read this Special Transition Notice

CHC Waiver Participants and their workers should contact Tempus Unlimited, Inc. regarding the April 1, 2022 transition. Please go to Tempus’ website,, for more information or contact Tempus using the information listed below.

It is important that Direct Care Workers to CHC Waiver Participants submit their shifts for their participant’s final pay periods on-time in order to be paid. Please reference the table below for the last pay periods for CHC Waiver Participants. Please return all Transition Packets received from Tempus back to Tempus. PPL has been informed that if Transition Packets are not on file at Tempus by March 31st, DCW paychecks may be delayed. Please contact Tempus directly if you have questions about this.

PPL remains the FMS Vendor for OBRA and ACT 150 Participants.

PPL Transition Checkpoints: Due Date

Last Date to Submit Direct Care Worker Paperwork (paperwork received after this date will not be processed): 2/18/22
Date Participant and Direct Care Worker Paperwork must be submitted to Tempus: 2/21/22
Last Date to submit shifts for the 2/20/22 - 3/5/22 Pay Period: 3/7/22
Last Date to submit shifts for the 2/27/22 - 3/12/22 Pay Period: 3/14/22
Last Date to submit and approve shifts for prior pay periods with PPL (After this date, PPL will not be able to pay): 3/25/22

How to contact Tempus:

Phone: 1-844-9TEMPUS (1-844-983-6787)
Fax: 1-833-5TEMPUS (1-833-583-6787)
TTY: 1-833-888-0133

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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Participant Direction Training Page

Our goal is simple: to work with the service coordinators and participants in the program so you have as much knowledge as possible.

This page will help you:

  • Know what the program can do for you
  • Understand everyone's roles responsibilities in the program
  • Work as effectively as possible with Public Partnerships
  • Get the most out of participant direction


Service Coordinator

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