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PA FMS ACT 54 Payments Status

Governor Wolf signed Act 54 of 2022 (Act 54), which allocated $14.989 million from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to Direct care workers (DCWs) in the participant-directed model providing personal assistance services in support of the statewide response to COVID-19. DCWs who provided services from 7/1/2021 through 9/30/2021 AND who remained active workers as of 7/1/2022 qualify to receive the one-time payment. Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) , Tempus Unlimited (Tempus) , and the Community HealthChoices (CHC) Manage Care Organizations (MCOs) worked with the Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) to determine the one-time payment amounts for qualifying DCWs. The payment amount is based on hours worked up to 40 hours per week during 7/1/2021 through 9/30/2021. The estimated gross payment amount that a DCW can receive ranges from a few dollars to over $2,000. Payment is anticipated to occur mid-December.  

Attention: Please Read this Special Transition Notice

Attention DCWs to CHC Waiver Participants:

As of July 1, 2022 PPL is no longer the Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA) for participants associated to the Community HealthChoices (CHC) Waiver, and their workers. Please reach out to the new F/EA, Tempus Unlimited, Inc. (Tempus).
Participants and their workers can contact Tempus at the following information listed below.

How to contact Tempus:

Phone: 1-844-9TEMPUS (1-844-983-6787)
Fax: 1-833-5TEMPUS (1-833-583-6787)
TTY: 1-833-888-0133

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