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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Telephony Option for EVV Instructions

The telephony option is for Attendants who do not have access to a smart device, such as a smart phone or tablet, to clock-in and clock-out via the PPL mobile application. In order to use the telephony option, the Member's landline must be registered with Customer Service. 

Telephony will not work until after the landline is registered. If you call the telephony number from any phone that is not registered, you will not be able to submit or approve shifts through the system. 

Step 1: Phone Line Registration

Member should first call PPL customer service to register their landline phone. Customer Service can be reached at: 833-549-5672

Step 2: Submitting and Approving Shifts

To submit a shift as an Attendant or approve/reject a shift as a Member you will call this dedicated telephony number: 833-204-9047

Step 3: Attendants will
  1. Dial 833-204-9047
  2. Enter last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) and Date of Birth
  3. Select Program Member from list
  4. Follow prompts to start new, modify, or end shift
  5. If needed follow prompts to correct and resubmit entries
Step 4: Member/Authorized Representative will
  1. Dial 833-204-9047
  2. Verify identity by entering Last 4 digits of SSN and DOB
  3. Select Attendant from list
  4. Follow prompts to review and approve or reject any submitted shifts 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Documents

How to Download and Use Time4Care™ EVV Mobile App