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Introducing MyAccount

PPL’s Mission is to transform more lives by making self-directed home care easier for all.

Reflecting that mission, is PPL’s new web portal, MyAccount. For all those involved with self-directed health care, the new tool:

  • Speeds up participant and care/support worker enrollment by making the process more transparent
  • Allows for easier management of self-direction personal information and program documentation, available 24/7 when it is convenient for them
  • Enables the ability to identify and resolve issues quickly

For program participants/their authorized representatives, and their care/support workers, MyAccount makes it easier to create and manage their online information with PPL, anytime, when it is convenient for them.

It includes the ability to:

  • Quickly establish an online PPL account with new and improved self-service features
  • View the automated enrollment and hiring process of care/support worker with auto-email and electronic / e-signature capabilities
  • Have 24/7 access to account details, budget management, and payroll progress to perform key actions faster

For Case Managers or similar roles, MyAccount makes it easier to:

  • Make online referrals for those individuals who qualify to self-direct
  • Monitor the enrollment progress of participants and their care/support workers
  • Assist participants in budget/authorization management activities and issues

Below we offer basic training videos to help you get started using the new MyAccount system.

If you need to access your Form W-2 in MyAccount, click here for instructions.

MyAccount Training for Participants and Designated Representatives

MyAccount Participant Dashboard View
MyAccount Participant My Details
MyAccount Participant 'My Signature' Feature
MyAccount Participant and My Designated Representative Overview

MyAccount Training for Care/Support Workers

MyAccount Care/Support Worker Dashboard View
MyAccount Care/Support Worker My Details
MyAccount Care/Support Worker 'My Signature' Feature
MyAccount Care/Support Worker My Programs
MyAccount Care/Support Worker My Timesheet

MyAccount Training for Case Managers

MyAccount Case Managers Dashboard View
MyAccount Case Manager How To Create New Referrals
MyAccount Case Manager How To Search Referrals
MyAccount Case Managers How-to Change Employer

MyAccount News

On May 9, 2022 we have new features coming to MyAccount!

Multi-Role - Do you need to act in more than one role in your program? For example, being a participant receiving services and also being an authorized representative for another participant? You can register for both roles with separate email addresses! Check out our collateral piece for more information! 

Multi-Role Enrollment Collateral 

Disassociation - With this feature, a participant/employer can 'disassociate' the relationship from a provider who is resigning or being dismissed online. With the same function, the provider can be 'restored' to work ready within 6 months or 're-hired' if more than 6 months! Our collateral pieces have more information, below. Providers you need information about submitting time after disassociation. 

Disassociation Collateral for Participants

Disassociation Collateral for Providers

Changing Employers – Do you need to change who serves as your employer of record? There are now new options for completing that process, including e-signature for the new employer. 

MyAccount Provider Connect

COMING SOON – MyAccount Provider Connect feature to select programsWhat is it?
A feature within PPL’s online MyAccount portal, offering a searchable provider registry of care/support worker online profiles, with the ability to easily review, conveniently connect, and speed up hiring in self-directed care.

Who is the MyAccount Provider Connect feature for?

  • Enrolled PPL MyAccount program participants looking to connect with and hire new or additional care/support workers
  • New care/support workers looking to connect to and be hired by self-directing program participants for the first time
  • Enrolled PPL MyAccount care/support workers looking to connect and get hired by new or additional program participants

How does the MyAccount Provider Connect feature work?

  • Enrolled PPL MyAccount program participants can search and connect with care/support workers using the following information filters:
    • Preferred location and times available to provide care/support
    • Services offered/professional licenses obtained
    • Skills/interests/personalities/language capabilities
  • New care/support workers can create and maintain a detailed online MyAccount profile to be found, connect with, and be hired by self-directing program participants for the first time.
  • Enrolled PPL MyAccount care/support workers have the options:
    • To expand and maintain the information on their account profiles to include the additional information that will enable them to be found in participant searches
    • To turn on and off their ability to be found in searches by program participants, allowing them the control of when to connect with new or additional program participants to seek work.

Once a participant finds a suitable care/support worker who they believe is a potential hire, the built-in direct messaging feature enables participants and potential hires to connect and further investigate their suitability.
No contact details need to be shared until both the participant and care/support worker agree to connect and move forward with the hire.

The process of hiring is all performed within the MyAccount portal for maximum convenience and speed of hiring. PPL participants simply invite their chosen workers to enroll by sending an enrollment invitation. The hiring process is both automated and visible, assisted with auto-email and “e-signature” capabilities. No more calling customer service to request enrollment packets in the mail!!

Do you still have questions?

If you still have questions about the MyAccount system we are here to help.

Please send us your question using the button below and be sure to include your question at the bottom.

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