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Time4CareTM Mobile Time Entry and Approval App

Did you know that faxed or mailed paper timesheets are THE most error-prone method of time entry and approval in self-directed home care?

  • Why risk a delay in paying your care/support workers?

  • Why chance any interruptions to your care and support?

To minimize these errors, we built a simple and secure app that you can use “on-the-go.” It’s an alternative to paper time sheets and often more convenient than sitting at a computer.

Time4Care - Overview

Is the Time4Care Mobile App available in my program?


To see a full list of self-direction programs where Time4Care is available, click here.

Whether you are an Android user or an Apple user, our Time4Care app is available for either type of device.

Click or tap the Google Play or App Store icon below to take you directly to the app store for download.

Have you already downloaded the Time4Care Mobile App?

To learn how to use the Time4Care Mobile App, click on the instructional video "PPL - Time4Care Entry Instructions" to learn how to use the app in more detail.

How To Enter Time In The Time4Care App
How To Submit A Timesheet In The Time4Care App
How A Member Approves Timesheets In The Time4Care App