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Welcome Arkansans

Welcome Arkansans

Welcome Arkansans!

Welcome to Public Partnerships (PPL)! We have been chosen as the new fiscal employer agent for IndependentChoices and ARChoices programs. The full transition from PALCO to PPL will take several months.

Please know that your current service from PALCO is not changing. No changes to your customer service, how you submit your time, your EVV solution, or pay schedule. Continue to reach out to PALCO for any needs and/or questions regarding your current services.

This transition will take several months and though PPL is not yet your fiscal employer agent, we know you have many questions. We have compiled a frequently asked question (FAQ) resource to provide some answers for you.

We have also put together a calendar of important dates, which will give you an idea of the transition activities. In collaboration with the State, we are ready to support you through this transition. We invite you to check out the FAQs, find out who we are, review important dates, and more.

Let’s do this together!

Thank you for attending Public Partnerships (PPL) information sessions!

Thank you for joining us as we shared what to expect in the coming weeks and a little more about how we will support you. 

Your host was the program manager at PPL, Mark Altieri, and we hope you found these sessions helpful and entertaining. 

Did you miss a session or want to see a recording? See below for a video from Mark!

Couldn't attend a live session?

Check out our recorded info session here


If you have any questions or need help, please contact us: 

Customer Service Phone: 1-800-256-2913

Customer Service TTY: 1-800-360-5899

Customer Service Email:


Arkansas IndependentChoices: New FMS Info Session

The Latest Updates

See the latest updates available from DPSQA and PPL in the boxes below. Check back frequently for more information.

To access the Arkansas IndependentChoices Program page, click here.